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Friends of Howick Primary
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 Principal: Mrs Leyette Callister

 Deputy Principal / Senco: Mrs Leanne Hurley

Executive Officer:  Mr Wilbyn Mitchell

Junior School

Room 09 New Entrants Mrs Kristen Oliphant – Team Lead

Room 11 Year 1 Miss Lorraine Shen

Room 12 Year 1 Miss Summer Young


Room 13 Year 2 and 3 Mrs Katy Currie and Miss Alison Wood

Room 14 Year 2 and 3 Miss Samantha Searle

Room 15 Year 2 and 3 Mrs Heidi Reid

Room 16 Year 2 and 3 Mrs Judy Coker – Senior Teacher

Senior School

Room 1 Year 5 and 6 Mrs Kumud Gupta -Team Lead

Room 2 Year 6 Mrs Sophia Toetu 

Room 3 Year 5 and 6 Miss Georgina Malzard

Room 4 Year 4 Mrs Lydia Snyman

Room 5 Year 4 Mrs Anita Munshi – Senior Teacher

Montessori Academy

Room 7 Mrs Dawn Young

Room 8 Mrs Tesneem Couper – Senior Teacher




Learning Support: Mrs Charlene Jacobs, Mrs Karen Fields

Reading Recovery: Mrs Katy Currie

ESOL: Mrs Sarah Aye

Music Specialist: Mrs Christina Bevan


Property Managers: Mrs Theresa Savidan and Mr Karl Jackson

HPS Librarian: Miss Susan McKegg

Student Services: Mrs Marsha Ammonds-Smith


Teacher Aides: Mrs Nazley Ernzsten, Mrs Kathy Lindquist, Mrs Trudi Elliott

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