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Friends of Howick Primary
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The school is governed by the Board of Trustees, an elected group of parents/caregivers.
All parents/caregivers are able to vote for these members when an election is held, usually every three years. The school keeps an electoral roll of all eligible voters. The Principal and staff representative represent the staff members.
Board of Trustees meetings are held monthly in the school Boardroom on a  Monday at 7.00pm. Check the calendar for dates.
Meet our Board of Trustees members:

Christina Bevan

Hi, I am Christina Bevan, the present Chairperson of the Board of Trustees; commonly called Chris (or Mrs Bevan – the music teacher for all the children at Howick Primary.) Married to Lee, I am the proud mother of 4 boys, aged 24, 18, 15 and 11. Our 11 year old, Quinn. started at HPS as a new entrant and is now attending Year 7 at Howick Intermediate School. I am a self employed musician, musical director and music teacher and really enjoy the time that I spend with our wonderful HPS students in music and song.

I feel privileged to be a Board Member and Chairperson of the Board, representing our school community in the governance of Howick Primary.


Stu McColl

I’m Stuart McColl, one of the current parent Board of Trustees members. I joined the board mid trustee term in 2015. I’m married to my lovely wife Amy, dad to our three kiddies Zoe (8), Asher (6), and Quinn (1).  As a profession I’m a senior manager for J.A. Russell Ltd, New Zealand largest electrical and data supplier, specialising in Data & Technology. I bring to the Board of Trustees a high level of commercial experience and business acumen, obtained from working in the private sector, flanked by grounded practical and technical skills. I have found the Board of Trustees environment a great place for individuals to serve as a team and utilise their combined skills to benefit the wider school. It’s has been a pleasure to be involved thus far with Howick Primary School, and I look forwarded to continuing to help improve school life and the education of our kids.  


Peter Mitchell

My Partner, Wil (Executive Officer, School secretary, PA, Vice-Chair of the PTA, the face of the school  and always smiling) and I have two most beautiful boys, Bo and Miguel. We came from South Africa about five years ago and found this beautiful school in Howick which is full of personality, potential and awesome people doing great work with our children. Our family was embraced by the community and have developed strong bonds and friendships with many of the lovely people that have children in the school and that work at the school. We are privileged to be part of this community. This school and it’s community are supportive, encouraging and loving. Everyone is focused on achievement and everyone celebrates it with all their hearts.

It is a great pleasure for me to be the Treasurer of the BoT and to be working with the Communications and Marketing.

I have had many years of experience in business management and have a creative mind so I look forward to finding ways that I can contribute in a positive way that will enrich HPS and build lasting relationships. I enjoy working with the team on the BoT and with Leyette as Principal of this school.


John Scanlan

My name is Jonathan Scanlan. I am a parent elected Board of Trustee Member as of December 2016. My role is to assist and help to  work through any issues, or matters arising both from the parents and caregivers, and the teaching staff of HPS. I am enjoying this role and I keep learning what and how to perform my service to the benefit of HPS children, Staff and Parents/Caregivers. I believe Together we can help to take HPS further and higher.


Mo Stewart

I am Mo Stewart and I am the Montessori representative for Howick Primary School’s Board of Trustees.  My daughters are 5 and 8 and both attend Howick Primary School’s Montessori unit in Rooms seven and eight.  As an artist I hope to bring a different perspective to the board while keeping the best interest of the school and children of Howick Primary in mind.


Leyette Callister serves on our Board of Trustees as the Principal and Kumud Gupta is the Staff Representative.
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