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Friends of Howick Primary
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The school is governed by the Board of Trustees, an elected group of parents/caregivers.
All parents/caregivers are able to vote for these members when an election is held, usually every three years. The school keeps an electoral roll of all eligible voters. The Principal and staff representative represent the staff members.
Board of Trustees meetings are held monthly in the school Boardroom on a Monday at 7.00pm. Check the calendar for dates.

All board meetings have a public component to which anybody is welcome.  Please come along to any of the upcoming meetings to find out more about how you can make a difference to Howick Primary.

Our current Board of Trustees is:

Peter Mitchell – Chairperson and Treasurer

My Partner, Wil (Executive Officer at Howick Primary) and I have two most beautiful boys, Bo and Miguel. We came from South Africa about seven years ago and found this beautiful school in Howick which is full of personality, potential and awesome people doing great work with our children. Our family was embraced by the community and have developed strong bonds and friendships with many of the lovely people that have children in the school and that work at the school. We are privileged to be part of this community. This school and it’s community are supportive, encouraging and loving. Everyone is focused on achievement and everyone celebrates it with all their hearts.

It is a great pleasure for me to be the Chairperson and Treasurer of the BoT and to be working with the Communications and Marketing.

I have had many years of experience in business management and are currently busy with my Masters Degree in Professional Practice.  I have a creative mind so I look forward to finding ways that I can contribute in a positive way that will enrich Howick Primary School and build lasting relationships. I enjoy working with the team on the BoT and with Leyette as Principal of this school.

Nicola Kay – Personnel

My son is currently in Year 5 and my daughter in Year 1.

I love being an active part of the local community and this was my primary reason for joining
the Board of Trustees. Through this I hope to help continue to build a strong relationship
between parents and Howick Primary, support our great principal and let others know more
about what I see as one of Howick’s best kept secrets.

For the last 20+ years since gaining a BSc in Food Science at Otago University I have worked in
the Brewing industry, in NZ, Australia and the UK. Through my career I have gained numerous
skills that are of benefit to the Board of Trustees. This includes managing departments from
strategy and target setting, through people management and recruitment, to how to run
effective meetings and projects. I have experience in collaborating between various areas and
understand the importance of ensuring good working relationships are in place.

I am also passionate about creating a world where everyone can feel included and be the best
they can be free from stereotypes.

Franchelle Barker – Property Trustee

Hi my name is Franchelle.  I am mum to Jackson (year 5), Jade (year 3) and a 21 year old son Dylan. 
Having an older son is humbling in that you know childhood is short and that primary is the opportunity to be involved.  Both my husband and I are all about our family, our community and helping to make a difference for not only our children now, but for future generations to come.  
I have been part of Howick Primary PTA for 4 years now, and as Chairperson for 3 of those.  As a PTA we have achieved some really exciting projects big and small, and been able to make an impact on the school.  I am looking forward to learning more by way of the Board of Trustees and having this compliment our work on the PTA.  By understanding both sides of the equation we can only achieve more.  Outside of school, I work in accounts/admin and also help alongside my husbands business.   
Howick Primary School is a great little community and am looking forward to my time on the Board of Trustees.

Rian Swart – Health and Safety

Kristen Oliphant – Staff Trustee

Leyette Callister – Principal and Full Trustee

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