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Friends of Howick Primary
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Senior School


Students log into their hapara by googling, then using their school email and password to log in. In here there will be work for reading and writing. This site may not be accessible with android devices. This will be updated weekly. I can see what work is being done and can answer any questions you might have using the comment function. It cannot be accessed with an ordinary gmail account. There is work associated with what we were covering in class.


Students log into Mathletics with their username and password and can work through many math tasks. Mathletics need to be paid for to have access. The school has a discounted rate of $23 as opposed to the $99 for the general public. This can be paid for through I can view progress and assign tasks that are targeted to your child.

Students have access to the free lists that gets shared with them for the free spelling activities.  is an online reading portal, the Class code is mqc2548, please let us know if the link is not working for you. Use the educators/student tab.
This is another maths website. Students can log in using their username and password.
It is a site that creates digital art. They could create posters, invitations or art.
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