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Each year Howick Primary School asks parents to pay a one off Activity Fee to cover the costs of  trips, shows and other extra curricula activities that we consider will enrich and enhance your child’s learning.  All trips, shows and other experiences paid for by the Activity Fee are directly linked to extending your child’s learning.  The Activity Fee is separate to School Donations.

These extra activities are not paid for by the Ministry of Education. The aim of the one-off fee is to reduce the number of times you will be asked for money throughout the year, to enable us to plan trips alongside lessons that are being taught, negotiate good group discounts and to reduce administrative work and paper costs.

Reading Eggs ($20) and Mathletics ($20) must be paid by week 5 in Term 1 either in the school office or using the Kindo Online Shop.

For those wishing to pay using online banking our HPS Account Number is:

12 3089 0282406 00

Reference: Your child’s name and Activity Fee

Thank-you for your support

Below is an example of the Activity Fee in action.  This displays the additional learning experiences we were able to provide for students in the Junior School over the course of one year.

Term 1
Junior School Trip to Omana Beach
Learning Links: HPS Concept -Community, The Rocky Shore and Tidal Communities, Sustainability, Ecosystems, Living and non-living things

Term 2
Reading Eggs
Learning Links: Reading and Spelling, E-learning enrichment activity

Term 3
Junior School Trip to a Stage Show at the Pumphouse Theatre. Students were able to meet all the actors after the event.
Learning Links: HPS Concept -Function, Body care, Healthy environments, Hazards and Safety, Science –Germs and Hygiene, Reading, Drama,

Term 4
Junior School Trip to Zoo
Learning Links: HPS Concept –Change, Lifecycles, Sorting and Classifying, Comparing and Contrasting, Science, Living World

Athletics Day Iceblock

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