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Friends of Howick Primary
Phone - (09) 534-6082  Email -

Our aim: for our students to develop a passion for the environment and be empowered to design and lead projects to help us care for the environment now and in the future. 

We are committed to teaching students the importance of living sustainably and looking after our environment. We believe this can be integrated into all areas of school and home learning. 

We are committed to reducing waste at our school. 

To do this we:

  • Promote ‘Wrapper Free Lunches’
  • Compost our food scraps 
  • Set up our “Waste Wizard” station at school events to collect and visibly sort rubbish so we can compost or recycle it rather than send it all to landfill 
  • Collect the following items for recycling with specialised companies: toothbrushes & tubes, bread tags, old pens, AA / AAA batteries, Nescafe Gusto Dolce coffee capsules. These can be dropped off at reception

Schoolwide, we are currently learning about water as a precious resource and thinking of ways we can use it sustainably. 

Please check our school enviro blog to see what else we have been up to recently…

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