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HPS School Profile:

Howick Primary School is a decile 8, urban, primary school in East Auckland which features vast and picturesque grounds. It is comprised of over 370 students from Year 1 to Year 6 and includes a Montessori Academy, which caters for students from age 6 to 11.

We are located 1.2 kilometres from the centre of popular Howick Village. It was established on Willoughby Avenue approximately 55 years ago after moving from the original school site on the corner of Botany Road and Howick/Pakuranga Highway, which is currently occupied by Howick Intermediate School.

Howick Primary is a modern and future focused school, with a strong thread of Technological Capability, Education for Sustainability and Positive Behaviour for Learning Focus.

Cultural Diversity at HPS:
HPS welcomes and values cultural diversity which is evident in all aspects of school life. Our cultural landscape includes:


NZ European 32%                     Maori 8%                    Chinese 15%                       Indian 7%


Pasifika 7%                       South African 14%           Asian -Other 7%                     Other 10%

The HPS Curriculum focuses on building learning focused relationships within the first four weeks of each school year.  Teachers are actively encouraged to be culturally responsive to learners needs and to ensure learning environments reflect and value the diversity of their learners. Parents are encouraged to contribute and add value during this time.

Maori Culture at Howick Primary School:

Maori Culture at Howick Primary School

Maori have a unique position in the cultural make-up of New Zealand. At Howick Primary School teachers have worked strategically with a specialist facilitator to ensure we are best equipped to meet the learning needs of our Maori students.  The implementation of this development has been focused on:

  • Culture Counts – knowing, respecting and valuing Māori students, where they come from and building on what they bring with them.
  • Productive Partnerships – Māori students, whānau, hapū, iwi and educators sharing knowledge and expertise with each other to produce better mutual outcomes.

Howick Primary School Staff have had regular Te Reo and Tikanga Maori workshops and the school utilises a specialist Te Reo teacher to infuse quality learning programmes for all students and teachers. Howick Primary School Leadership is invested in fostering deeper cultural understandings that value and celebrate the Treaty of Waitangi. Currently the locally produced Te Reo Tuatahi programme forms the backbone of our Te Reo and Tikanga delivery.


HPS Montessori Academy

A Montessori Academy operates within the school with support from the Montessori Trust.  The Howick Primary School Montessori Academy aims to provide and promote an education, inspired by the Montessori philosophy, which nurtures in the child a lifelong love of learning through self discovery. We aim to provide an education for the development of the whole child where activities promote the development of cognitive skills, of social skills, of emotional growth and also physical coordination.

Children in the Montessori Academy work, learn and progress at their own pace and have individualised learning plans.  The teacher guides and encourages the children, responding to each child’s unique learning style.

Within our large multi-staged classroom, our teacher works with the 6 – 9 and 9 to 11 year old groupings. Our classrooms have a wide range of specialised Montessori resources and materials. There is a strong emphasis on providing a peaceful and orderly environment which enhances the children’s ability to learn.

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