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Friends of Howick Primary
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All New Zealand Schools are funded by the Ministry of Education according to their Equity Index. Under the previous decile system Howick Primary School was decile 8. Under the Equity Index system we remain at this level.

While this has many advantages such as a vibrant learning community, positive student attitudes, and strong work ethics. It’s biggest difficulty is that annually we receive only a fraction of the Ministry of Education funding that is given to low decile/high Equity Index schools.

This has a huge impact on what we can offer our students.

Our goal is to inspire our HPS parents to partner with us by paying the school donation. We also aim to inform all our families about how school donation payments also qualify for tax credits.

The Howick Primary School Donation is:

  • $180 per student or $300 per family of two or more students.
  • Payments can be made either in full or instalment across the year by cash, eftpos, credit/debit card, or Kindo Online Shop
  • For those wishing to pay using online banking our HPS Account Number is:

12 3089 0282406 00

Reference: Your child’s name and School Donation

Thank you for your support

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