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HPS Library

The school is fortunate to have an up to date library, which classes visit weekly.  The children are encouraged to have at least two books issued which they are able to take home for up to two weeks.  We operate a no library bag – no book system. To enhance and showcase reading the Library is open from Monday to Friday before school from 8:30am till 8:50am, during lunchtime from 1pm to 1:25pm, and also operates after school from 3 to 3:30pm.

Students who are currently enrolled at Howick Primary and are Year 4-6 can access the HPS digital library using their unique borrowers number which is available from Susan in the library.  Our digital library has over 1,500 ebooks available and is always adding new titles monthly, and until the end of September we are trailing audio books which there are 525 available copies for your enjoyment.
Tumblebooks is our digital library for Year 0-3 and you are looking for the ebooks of e kids version.  For the username and password for tumble books see Susan in the library.


Our lovely librarian, Susan!!!



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