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HPS School Composition:

Roll: 311

Levels: Years 1 – 6

International Students: 1

Gender Composition:

  • Girls 51%
  • Boys 49%

Ethnic Composition:

  • NZ European   44%
  • Chinese           14%
  • Maori                  6%
  • Indian                 5%
  • British/Irish         3%
  • African                2%
  • Samoan              2%
  • Tongan               2%
  • Other European  4%
  • Other Asian         2%
  • Other                 16%

Special Features: Montessori

ERO Review Highlights: January 2017

School leaders, staff and trustees are well placed to sustain and make ongoing improvements that impact positively on all children’s learning.

Leaders and teachers:

  • know the children whose learning and achievement need to be accelerated
  • respond effectively to the strengths, needs and interests of each child
  • regularly evaluate how well teaching is working for these children
  • act on what they know works well for each child
  • build teacher capability effectively to achieve equitable outcomes for all children
  • are well placed to achieve and sustain equitable and excellent outcomes for all children.

Leaders have implemented a range of strategies that are having a positive impact on accelerating children’s progress and achievement with the National Standards. The board receives reports about children’s progress and achievement and uses this information to plan strategically and resource learning programmes.

Leaders and teachers have established very good teacher inquiry and appraisal processes to improve teaching practices and to enhance learning outcomes for all children.

The leadership team acknowledges that to continue successfully accelerating progress and fostering positive outcomes for children, their ongoing development areas could include:

  • embedding curriculum practices and extending the evaluation of their impact on student learning outcomes
  • continuing to explore teaching strategies that support children to lead their own learning.


Howick Primary School will be reviewed again in 3 years.


What does this mean?

With reference to ERO’s Framework for School Reviews – The Six Dimensions of a Successful Schooland Evaluation Indicators for School Reviews, ERO will next review HPS in three years because it finds that the school’s curriculum is effective in promoting student learning – engagement, progress and achievement.

Good performance, with aspects of high-quality performance, is evident.

Overall, HPS demonstrates that:

  • learners experience a well-designed curriculum that provides them with choices and pathways and supports their successful transition through schooling and on to further education and training
  • learners, including priority groups of learners, are actively engaged in their learning and are progressing and achieving well
  • Māori learners are actively engaged in their learning, progressing and achieving well and succeeding as Māori
  • there is a culture of high expectations for students and staff
  • critical reflection and established processes for conducting and using self-review support improvement
  • leadership is effective in promoting student learning and achievement
  • teaching demonstrates good quality practices, makes good use of student achievement information and is consistently effective in promoting outcomes for students
  • the school has taken all reasonable steps to provide a safe and inclusive environment
  • governance uses good processes for self-review, direction-setting, and decision-making, and to ensure school accountabilities are met
  • the school effectively engages the community in the life of the school.
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