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There are lots of ideas here that your child can do at home to keep them developing their Literacy and Numeracy skills


Year 0-2

  • read a book with soft toy or with a family member. Once you have read the book, retell the story and state your favourite part and why it was your favourite.

All ages

Epic Challenge Feb


All Ages

Writing instructions is always a good activity. These could be for:

  • A how to; play a computer game, make a sandwich, feed a pet etc. Younger students can do the activity first, then draw illustrations/take photos and finally get someone to follow the instructions to check they work.
  • Make a board game and a set of instructions. Students could bring the games into school for wet playtimes.
  • Write a weekend recount.

Year 0-2 

  • find items around the house that begin with the letters of the alphabet from A-Z. Then lay it all out and take a picture and send it to your teacher.

Year 3-6

  • Write a letter to your teacher about what you want to achieve this year.


Maths at home

Year 1

  • Count up to 5, 10, 20 and back
  • Learn you number bonds to 5 and 10 e.g. 1+4=5, 2+3=5, 5+5=10

Year 2

  • Counting forwards and backwards from 0-50. 
  • Skip counting in 2’s.

Year 3-6

  • Year 3-6 learn your times tables

Other activities

31 Day Lego Challenge

Drawing line – an art activity

Glen Jones NZ Artist free printable activities for children

– create an obstacle course with items from around your house. 

– build the largest tower you have ever built and take a picture. 

– draw a picture, colour it in and tell me about your picture via video. 

– make something to eat. Record yourself saying each step/instruction then show what you have made. 

– build a fort with items from around your house. 

– learn a song and sing along. 

– create your own dance moves/dance routine and then take a video once you have done it.

Additional Resources/activities

Year group links



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