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Kidpower Overview

The program has three main parts all dealing with powers that all students have:

  •  Brain power: To think how they should respond to others in a safe way.
  •  Body power: To move or walk away from unwanted physical or verbal behaviours.
  • Voice power: To talk and speak up letting people know when they do not like what is happening

There are practical exercises that the students were engaged with and the lessons ran 45 minutes long for years 0 to 2 and one hour long for students years 3 to 6 (and composite year 2 /3 classes.)

Laminated posters are in every class that show the powers and all teachers have lanyards with the powers  displayed.

Next steps for us as a school add to grow these powers so that they become embedded in our language and actions. They align with our PB4L (Positive Behaviour for Learning) programme also.


Please see the powerpoint presentation that was presented at our KidPower parent evening in June 2021.

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